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Fellowship with our GMAA family ....

Pat and I just returned from a wonderful weekend with the Gospel Music Artists Association (GMAA) convention in Mesquite, Texas. Every year artists from Southern Gospel, Gospel, Christian Country, and Praise and Worship all get together for a weekend of revival with each other. This weekend is designed for the artists to come together to minister, recharge, and rejeuvenate for the year ahead in ministry. This was Pat's and my first time to attend the convention together. We were honoured to be asked to sing a few selections for the evenings concert time. The next morning we found ourselves sitting at breakfast and sharing our experiences with new friends and fellow GMAA family members, all of whom welcomed us with a genuineness and authenticity that could only come from the heart.

We were blessed to be have the opportunity to sing a few songs from our new studio CD to be released in February. However, the blessing really occured when we were able to hear our GMAA family members minister to us in song.

Most importantly, the experience from this weekend solidified for me the importance of Christian fellowship. God assures us that when two or more are gathered in His name there He will be also. I can assure you this weekend we were all blessed greatly with the benefits of Christian fellowship and by the presence of God. The church is truly His people. It is in the church that your spirit is filled and nurtured. It was refreshing and uplifting to be showered with the love of the Lord by our fellow GMAA family members. We are already looking forward to next year's convention and ministering along side our GMAA family members through out 2016!

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