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She Loved - New Studio CD

Hello! As the year closes for Pat and I and our ministry we are thrilled to finally say that our new studio CD will release right after the first of the year! This has truly been a journey of dedication, love, and humbleness. Never in a million years could we have imagined to be able to make a journey to Nashville and record our first studio project in over a decade ... as a duo! We are forever humbled and greatful to all who have made this dream become a reality. What a great ride 2015 has been for us in re-establishing our ministry and following where the Lord is leading. With our excitement also comes the sobering reality that our member Jeanie Easlon Francis is no longer with us, instead is singing with the angels and sitting at the right-hand of God in Heaven. She, no doubt, is with us in spirit and every other way imaginable.

As we started this journy back in 2014, we began to hear the same question resonate over and over ... "Do you guys have a CD?", "We would love to take you home with us and listen as we want ...", "Where can I download your music?". These questions truly came as a surprise but more importantly a reminder that we are supported, loved, and encouraged by all of you who have followed us over the years. With that nudging at our hearts we made the decision to begin the journey of our next CD, as a duo, and with an updated sounds that continues to apy tribute to our roots in Southern Gospel music.

The very first song we sang together as a duo was "Beside Still Waters", a beautifully pinned song with the message that even in our struggles we can find the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior when we allow ourselves time to reflect in the mercy and grace that is only found in His peace ... and beside still waters. This quickly became the new name for our project and was making it's way as the title track of the new CD. In fact, this as our campaign and name of our project all the way up to our last day in Nashville!

As Pat and I returned to the hotel, after the last evening in the studio, we were reflecting and getting ready for the next day. Our photo shoot was to be at 10:00 am the following morning. We were, as usual, deciding what to wear, how to coordinate our outfits, and most importantly how to "look better than we really do" on the cover! LOL When we laid down our jewellrey we notive our necklaces as they lay on the bedside table. On each, without our knowlege, were two pendants; one a cross, and the other a heart. I have been wearing my celtic cross from James Avery for over 25 years since my Mom and Dad gave it to me one year for Christmas. The heart pendant on my necklace was the Red Cross Heart that I had given my mother the Christmas before she passed away in March of 2014. As we looked at Pat's necklace we notice that her's also was a cross pendant that she had been wearing for several years as well. Much to our amazement, however, as the pendant that she had purchased in honour and memory of her sister and my mom, Jeanie. A heart!

As we sat there, in a quiet moment of reflection, as both begin to feel the presence of my Mom, her sister, with us! She was there, right there in the hotel room and through out the week in Nashville. She had been present in our six our delay at the airport, at my cousin's home for the fish fry and first night in Nashville, at the recording sessions at Daywind Studios, and was now revealing herself inour quiet reflections from the week. Her heart was present in our souls and with us in our journey.

We began to remember the words to one the songs that we had recorded that day in the studio, the words to "She Loved". As we spoke the words we were speaking the heart of who my mother, Pat's sister was and continues to be in our lives. "She loved, more than anything esle, She loved, with all of her heart. She loved, everyone she believed in. She loved, oh She Loved." As we reflected on these words, this song, and the meaning that this song has for the two of, our decision was immediate and unanymous. The title track for the CD would be changed. She Loved. This to honour the memory of one of our founding members, Jeanie.

Jeanie will forver be with us and we could not be more happy to honour her in this way.

Remember, for all of you who had the opportunity to know and experience my mom, Pat's sister ... You were loved and believed in because ... She Loved!

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